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Eisenhart Family Genealogy

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The Eisenhart Family Genealogy web site is intended as a forum to present the genealogy, history, and cultural aspects of the Eisenhart and related surname family groups. We hope to provide information about the history of the various family lines, both in the German States and North America, and to use this to define and clarify the complex genealogical relationships between these families.

John and August EisenhartSeveral generations of family researchers have provided us with a wealth of document material that has helped us partially fill in the family tree branches, while the Eisenhart & Related Surname DNA Project has recently added additional details that have given us remarkable new insights into the past. However, we still have many unanswered questions, and the hope is that this web site will attract interested family members who will not only benefit from the information on this site, but who will also add to our understanding of the family history.Edward and Minnie Isenhart

In addition, we hope to foster social ties between Eisenhart, Eisenhardt, Eisenhard, Isenhart, and Isanhart families living worldwide today. Although we share a common ancestry, many cultural differences have developed between various family groups over the centuries. Reaching out and learning about one another not only introduces us to new friends and family, but also renews our ties to past generations.


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